Monday, 24 March 2014

24/3/2014 - My Piercings & Getting Pierced in Glasgow

Hello lovely people - happy Monday! Today I am finally getting around to doing a post I've been asked to do a few times and been meaning to do for ages - yes, it's time for my piercings post!

I have 8 piercings in total - listed in the order I got them done..
  • My lobes - twice of each ear - Summer 2003.
  • My tragus on my left ear - February 2011.
  • A forward helix on my right ear - May 2012.
  • A snug on the left ear - November 2012.
  • My septum - February 2014.
Before I go any further, I just want to put a few things out there... 
  • I am not a professional piercer and everything in this post is based purely on my experiences. Pain and healing will differ.
  • Any piercing will hurt, it's inevitable to have a needle pierce a hole in you and it not hurt. 
  • If you are considering getting any piercings at all, I can't stress enough the importance of going to reputable piercing studio and making sure you are 100% comfortable before you let anyone do any type of body modification on you. 
Now we've got those quick points out of the way, in the interest of not getting my ass kicked, let's get going...

  Left Ear          |          Right Ear



Not entirely sure why I'm really bothering to include these, almost all females have their lobes pierced but for the sake of thoroughness, I will. I got my lobes done when I was about 12, so 11 years later I don't really remember a great deal about it. The pain was pretty low, it's nothing worse than an injection at the dentist. I wouldn't normally suggest piercing guns for anywhere other than for your lobes but to be honest, it's a fleshy/fatty piece of skin with no real purpose so it's never really going to go all that wrong. The healing time for lobes is usually about 6 weeks (as per the recommendation of piercers) but mine healed in about 3. I didn't get my lobes pierced in a piercing studio as such, just a little gift shop/jewellers near where I live although unfortunately it's no longer in business or I'd link it.

(I rarely wear matching earrings - cause I have so   many lobe piercings, I don't really see the point and also find it hard to not loose one of the pair...!)


My tragus was probably the least sore of all my piercings with exceptions of my lobes. It's slightly sorest because the needles going through cartelegde but not much. I think it took about it's recommended time of approx. 8 weeks to heal with no problems at all. I got my tragus done in Nirvana Piercing Studio in Merchant City, Glasgow which I'd definitely say is my favourite and preferencial studio.


Forward Helix

I got my forward helix in Nirvana in May of 2012. It wasn't that sore, probably about the same as my tragus. Again like my tragus, it healed in it's recommended time and I've had no problem with it at all. I currently have a silver ring in it, but I think I'm going to change it to a stud soon. 



My snug was definitely the sorest of all my ear piercings, probably because it's a much thicker piece of cartledge than any of the others. I got this one done kind of on impulse when my friend was getting a piercing in Blancolo Piercing Studio in Glasgow. They do any piercing (aside from nipples and genetalia) for £10 which is a good deal, but for a piercing through such a thick piece of skin, I wish I'd just gone to Nirvana which I'm used to and am comfortable with. In Blancolo, they were pretty rough and with a queue of people, didn't take much time with either myself or my friend. On top of that, they charge a seperate fee of £7 to freeze the area which I think is a bit ridiculous. My snug took about 2 months to heal which was the recommended period, but it's been infected numourous times which puts me off going back to Blancolo. I've currently got a curved silver bar in it, but like my forward helix, I want to change it soon to a curved gold bar.



I got my septum pierced on my 23rd Birthday in February of this year. After getting my tragus done on my 20th birthday, I thought it'd be nice to carry on the birthday piercing tradition. 

It was definitely the sorest piercing I've got, not so much at the time, but afterwards. It wasn't awful getting it done, it just made my eyes water a lot but afterward, it was much sorer to clean and move. On top of that, it's really itchy while it heals which is really annoying as it's such a small, hard to reach area. I was planning on getting it done in Nirvana, but when I went, it was fully booked til the end of the day so in the interest of getting it done on my birthday, I went to Forevermore Tattoo & Piercing studio which I'd been to before with my friend to get tattooed.

The girl who did it advised me that if you need to be able to hide it (like I do for work) to get it pierced with only a slightly curved bar as opposed to a horse-shoe bar as the piece of skin that separates the nostril is what swells up and some people can't flip a horse-shoe up straight away due to swelling. Taking her advice, I got the curved bar but have today, got changed it to a horse shoe as it's now pretty much healed. I wouldn't say my experience was bad as such, I just found the girl (Lola, if anyone's going there) a bit brisk and unfriendly so I probably wouldn't go back there. Plus, it was £35 which I thought was pretty expensive compared to Nirvana & Blancolo. Today, when I went to get it changed from a curved bar to a horse shoe, I went to Nirvana and despite the ball having been screwed on incorrectly, the girl there was so patient and friendly. It cost me £7 for the horse shoe bar and to get it put it.


So there you have it - my metal collection! If you're considering getting a piercing in Glasgow, I can't recommend Nirvana highly enough - it's by far the best out of the places I've been to and know countless other piercing enthusiasts who agree. It's affordable and has a great selection of jewllery as well as really friendly staff who are happy to answer any questions and unlike any of the other studios I've been to, they let a friend come in and hold your hand - bonus! Not that you'd need it cause I've always been made to feel welcome and valued there.

Any further questions, I'll happily answer in the comments below or via Twitter (@Filthy_Paws) and I'll certainly update if I get any new additions to my piercings hall of fame!