Thursday, 31 December 2015

10 discoveries of 2015

Like, oh em gee, can you believe it's the last day of 2015? I can. Cause every damn blog I've read for days has asked me if I can believe it. End of year blog posts are funny, because they usually feature highlights or significant moments or memories from the year. 

My 2015 has been a bit underwhelming. Nothing bad as such happened, but nothing significant or life changing either. It's been a bit of a stuck-in-a-rut year. I could list all the amazing things I've done or what I've achieved, but that's probably be quite boring cause honestly, there's not much. 

Instead, here's 10 things I discovered in 2015...

1) Netflix. I know, I know, I'm super late to the party, but it wasn't til January of 2015 that I finally got Netflix. Many a sleepless night watching terrible documentaries followed, but also I discovered 'Unbreakbale Kimmy Scmidt' and rediscovered 'Suits' so all is well. Mike Ross = swoon! 

2) The Real Techniques foundation brush. Can we just discuss this for a moment? I featured it back in my September Favourites and it has completely changed how I feel about my skin and covering my acne scarring and hyper pigmentation. 

3) Backpacks. There's a running joke in my work about how much my boss loves a backpack and this year, she finally talked me into getting one. A real grown-up one too, quilted leather and Chanel-inspired chain straps. A step up from my band patch covered Eastpaks bags of my teens and having both hands free is my favourite thing ever!

4) Baths. I mean, obviously prior to 2015, I'd had had baths, but I was never really much of a bath person. His year though, especially in autumn and winter, I've really enjoyed having long relaxing baths. Special mention to Lush's Lord of Misrule shower cream, which is by far my favourite bath time treat.

5) The West End. This summer, I finally ticked a massive thing off my bucket list and saw my first show on the West End, none other than the amazing Les Miserables (full post here) I've always loved stage shows, musicals, theatre etc. but the West End was a whole other world. If I'm in London again in 2016, I'd love to go to another show. Or five.

6) Liverpool. I didn't manage to travel much in 2015, 2 trips to London which I've been to before (one of which was for work), a weekend in Manchester where I've been a million times and a few days in Liverpool for my birthday back I'm February. I love discovering new cities and although Liverpool wasn't at all how I pictured, it's such an interesting city with so much to see and do. 

7) Blog photo backgrounds. This year, I really worked hard to improve the quality of my photos and although there's still a few not-so-great ones from throughout 2015, I'm mostly really proud of them. Special thanks to my DIY marble effect board and my white living room floorboards.

8) Lush. Similar to the discovery of baths, I was obviously aware of the existence of Lush before this year, but I've only recently started branching out from baht bombs and Snow Fairy shower gel into skincare, haircare and makeup. I wrote in my post about my trip to London in July that I found Oxford Street, Lush to be a bit of a let down, but now, I wish I'd made more of it!

9) Pita chips. This doesn't really require much explanation. If you've not tried them, I strongly suggest you do. Like, now. Marks & Spencer, £1.49 for a giant bag. Thank me later.

10) 'Reasons To Stay Alive' by Mark Haig. This book has been all over the Internet in 2015 and for good reason. I bought it back in July when I was going through a bad patch and although its quite harrowing to read at times and I never read huge chunks at any one time, it's such a powerful and honest book.  I strongly recommend everyone reads it whether you or a loved one struggles with mental health issues or not. One of the loveliest bloggers ever Kayleigh did a whole post on it here if you want to read more. 

What have been your best discoveries of 2015?


  1. I haven't heard of that book but I am super intrigued now! I love the west end, I have seen two musicals And they have both been fantastic! I wish you all the best for the new year x

  2. I can't do Mike Ross or Suits, true story, because I'm so jealous of that actor getting to bone Troian Bellisario. /o\ Like that's just not fair.

    I love that backpack! I've been wanting some since I saw people all over the airport with small backpacks when I moved back to Spain. Lucky for me my aunt had given us an old one of hers so that's made an appearance on quite a few posts even though it's not necessarily my ABSOLUTE favorite/the style I'd choose. I only wish for a small backpack that worked like a Mary Poppins bag so I could fit my laptop in it, too.

  3. Love this! I discovered a lot of these this year too - the Real Techniques brush, backpacks (can't imagine life without mine now), blog photo backgrounds (also a life changer), Lush AND the Mark Haig book!

    So glad you loved the West End, it's one of my favourite places on earth <3

    Laura xx

  4. Can I see your Real Techniques brush, and raise you the Urban Decay blurring brush? Honest to God life-changing, and I say this as an almost-mid-30s woman who has lived a full life. Well, kinda.

    Happy new year, Sophie.

    Lis / last year's girl x

  5. I've also gotten much more into baths this year thanks to lush! I get so excited to experience each new bath bomb hahahah :). Hope you have a wonderful new year!!

  6. Cute backpack :)
    Maria V.

  7. I love suits as well, I watched it so quickly! The RT sculpting brush is my foundation brush of choice but it does take forever to clean, I think it just eats foundation haha! I've never seen anything on the West End either but I'd love to, it sounds incredible :) My best discoveries of the year were probably the beauty blender (late to the party I know), Jacyln Hill videos and those Ritz cracker crisps (especially good with some houmous!) xx

  8. I know I don't comment much, but I love your blog + often read it. You've just reminded me to buy this book, thanks!