Friday, 11 August 2017

'Out Of Love' at The Edinburgh Fringe

Every blogger has that one brand that they cannot, even in their wildest dreams, imagine being asked to work with. That iconic name they look up to, that they'd give anything to be a part of but that seems just too amazing to ever want to work with little old you. To me, that is the Edinburgh Fringe and that dream came true a few weeks ago when I was invited alone to a press event in collaboration with the Edinburgh Fringe and to watch Elinor Cook's 'Out of Love' at the Roundabout at Summerhall.

I've been an avid fan of the Edinburgh Fringe for many years now. I first attended with a group of friends when I was in my final year of school. We were all too young to even be allowed in most venues, but we spent the day in the sunshine wandering around, soaking up the atmosphere and just enjoying being in the midst of such uncapped and free flowing creativity. I've been every year since, often many times. I've seen well known names and headline shows but it's the up and coming performers in a sea of hopefuls, desperate to stand out and be seen that are always my favourite. As a huge fan of comedy myself, I've always opted for stand-up shows so when I was offered the change to see a drama piece, I was excited to try out a side of the Fringe I'd never dabbled in before.

Written by Elinor Cook, 'Out Of Love' follows the story of two young girls, growing up as best friends in a small Welsh town, taking an intimate look at how their lives remained intertwined as one moves away for university while the other gets pregnant. It looks at their complex relationship spanning over 30 years, their highs and lows, the challenges they face both individually and together, their complicated families and their less than perfect relationships. All too often, I find tales that claim to explore female friendship centre around love, so I really loved how Grace and Lorna's friendship remained at the forefront of the story throughout. 

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The production itself is wonderfully simple yet impeccably executed. It only stars 3 actors who move seamlessly between a number of characters as well as the same characters at different stages in their lives and the show itself has absolutely no staging, props or costume changes, which highlights what a flawlessly written piece it really is. If you find yourself in search of a show to see at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, I cannot recommend 'Out Of Love' highly enough, it's a charming and heartfelt performance which made me both laugh and cry.

Full info on dates, times, prices and tickets available here.

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