Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lush 'Cosmetics To Go' Event

On Monday just gone, after two years of blogging and several well-intentioned event invites later, I finally bite the bullet, swallowed my fear of being the newbie in an established group and went to my first ever blogger event.

An email had landed in my inbox from Lush PR inviting me to their event to launch their brand new book 'Danger : Cosmetics to go!" and their new Christmas products. The team have been working their way across the county, holding these events in various cities and after seeing a fair few English bloggers raving about how much fun it was, I knew I had to RSVP.

We were welcomed by some of the Lush sales team from the branch, the Lush PR ladies and the author of the book herself, Mira Manga. While we nibbled on adorable star-shaped Christmas cookies and sipped a chilled raspberry and lemon soda, we were treated to live demonstrations of some of their products, old and new, and taught all about the reasons behind their natural ingredients. For instance - I bet you didn't know that cinnamon stimulates the muscles and helps them to relax and as some many people find Christmas stressful, that's why cinnamon scents are popular during the festive season! Cool, huh? Every day is a school day!

The book itself is a gorgeous coffee table hard-back with quirky tales detailing the history and origins of the products as well as the companies values and beliefs. Each page is a mini story in itself as well as the book as a whole reading as an entire narrative which is so clever and with so many wonderful illustrations as well as vintage photographs, it's just as good for a quick flick-through as for snuggling up on the sofa in your jammies with. Mira also chatted away to us about her book and was kind enough not only to gift us all a copy to take home but sign them all with cute personalised messages! 

I had a great time as my first ever blogger event and would like to thank the lovely people at Lush HQ and Lush Buchanan Street as well as Mira Manga for a fabulous evening.