Monday, 3 November 2014

#LushChristmas Event

Helloo all!
Last Wednesday, I was invited along to Glasgow's Lush flagship store for their '#LushChristmas' press and bloggers event, previewing their amazing 2014 Christmas collections as well as celebrating all the old festive favorites - Yes Snow Fairy, you better believe I'm looking at you!

Lovely Christmas gift boxes - who wouldn't want to wake up after Santa's been to 
that huuuge big one? It's the dream, lets not pretend!

I tottled along after work, joining some of the other Scottish bloggers and was greeted with Bucks Fizz - that's when you know Christmas is coming! As always, the staff in Lush were so super friendly and well informed (something that working in retail myself, I find increasingly rare and something I really value). 

One of each please!

The store was set up in different stations - bath, shower, hair, skin etc. so it was easy to know where to find everything or just generally for a browse around, basking in that glorious Lush scent and "accidently" getting covered in glitter. 

I had absolutely NO idea what Lush did perfumes too? 
I love the Dirty one, it's so seaside-y smelling!

The staff showed us loads of the new products, everything from this years limited edition shower gel, the warm and cosy smelling 'Hot Toddy' (it is Christmas bottled, you got to get a whiff of that baby!) to Winter classics like the Cinders bath bomb with popping candy for added bath time fizz.

I absolutely love Rock Star soap (it's the closest thing in their permanent collection to Snow Fairy!) but the jury's still out on the Yog Nog soap - very sugary and indulgent smelling which I know a lot of poeple love, but maybe a little too sweet for me. If you love Creme Brulee or sticky toffee pudding, this is the soap for you!

For someone who doesn't bathe much (I'm a shower typa gal before anyone makes a joke!) there sure are a lot of bath bombs I want to try out. The lovely Fiona from 'The Beauty Fiend' suggested trying them in a basin to soak your feet though, which, working in heels all day is something I do like to indulge in every now and then - what a great idea!

There is a Lush advent calender!

I'm a right sucker for savory smelling products - anything even vaguely oat-y or cereal-y - I'm all over that! I was a little put off by the jelly texture of this Movis facial soap but it smells divine and I may just have to make a return trick for it! It's not thaaat weird to want your face to smell like bread, right?


I was absolutely in my element at Lush - just starting to feel Wintery therefore in the mood for a relaxing night in full of pampering. That combination of being the day after payday, receiving great one-on-one expert advice and all while sipping alcohol while you browse - it's a dangerous yet rewarding one!

With a big fat whole in my debit card, it's safe to say that my pamper supplies are now full to the brim. Want to see what I bought? Course you do!

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub - an old favourite, a really chunky scrub with a great, seaside salty smell. I use it all over for a really thorough exfoliate or on my face is my complexion is looks tired and dull.

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser - The only one I was talked into..! But I'm so glad I was, a month of continued use is supposed to restore your skin back to it's natural balance so I have high hopes - watch this space!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub - Another scrub but totally different - this one is much finer and smells like sherbit but not in a sickly-sweet way. Yum!

Mint Julips Lip Scrub - Can you see a scrub theme emerging? I already have the popcorn and bubblegum ones which are both pretty sweet so I thought I'd add the delicious Mint Julips one to my collection too. One of the great things about products with mint is that they're really soothing (ever wondering why people put toothpaste on spots?) so this scrub perfect for Winter chapped lips.

Dirty Shower Gel - One of those amazing really fresh and minty smelling shower gels. Great for those early morning wake-me-up showers and as I was told my some of the male Lushies, quite the unisex favourite.

Liquid Eyeliner in 'Fantasy' & 'Feeling Secure' - I love everything about these, the pitette inspired packaging, the tiny little glass bottles, the potion-like paper tags - they're adorable. One of the girls showed me how they are really buildable and blendable to creating your own colour combinations poses endless possibilities or they can be worn alone too.


Finally, from the ever generous people at Lush*, a lovely Christmas surprise in form of not one, but TWO of their festive gift boxes!

Festive Funtimes! - This is the BEST idea for a giftset ever - not only does it contain 2 shower gels (Lush products which I've always been really intrigued by and want to try!) but it has all the necessary ingredients for building your very own soapy snowmen - think of it as PlayDoh but with soap! In my opinion, this would be a great Christmas present for someone with young children or a fun Christmassy way to spend an afternoon during the school holidays if you've got younger brothers or sisters or nieces or nephews!

Poptastic! - Featuring 2 Christmas bath bombs, Cinders for for a cinnonmon bath explosion and Shoot For The Stars for a sparkly silver colour fest. I can't wait to try out Fiona's foot bath tip with both of these!

Thank you so much again to all the lovely people at Lush, Buchanan Street - I had a fantastic night trying out all the new products and meeting loads of lovely people and am already having so much fun tucking into all my new festive treats!